Physical and Mental Sport in the Light of the Sunnah

Muhammad Shah Nawaz, Muhammad Abid Nadeem

  • Muhammad Shah Nawaz, Muhammad Abid Nadeem
Keywords: al-Riyadah al-Badaniyah, al-sunnah al-nabawiyah, al-Mu’min al-qawi, al-rami, sabqat, wasail tqawiyah al-abdan


Physical health of a  person  is  of  prime  importance  in  any  civilization of  the world. Islam also emphasizes upon it. Physical exercise  is  one  tool  too  remain  healthy  and  fit. The  Holy  Prophet (SAW)  used  to  conduct  various  competitions of   physical  exercise. He also   ordained   his   followers   that   a  physically  strong believer is better than the weaker one. This portrays that any tool  used  to  keep  the  body  healthy  and  strong  is  in    accordance     with  Islamic  teachings.  This article elucidates this fact, how mush guideline is there  for  physical  exercise  in the light of Prophetic seerah to remain healthy and fit.

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