Women and Islam: A Critical Study in Their Societal Roles and Responsibilities

Mazher Hussain , Akram-al-azhari

  • Mazher Hussain , Akram-al-azhari
Keywords: Islam; Culture; Misconceptions; Social Roles; Social Stigma; Oppressive Dictatorship


The study in hand highlights different societal roles women assume in a Muslim Society compromising on their social, civic or other rights as human being. Women, being a considerable proportion of a society, assume a number of roles and responsibilities. Likewise; Muslim societies provide women different opportunities to work in different permitted capacities. Basically, these roles and responsibilities are categorized into mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. These roles have been categorically discussed in the light of Islamic injunctions and teachings. This study covers these four basic aspects of a Muslim woman. Women rights and obligations have been the core theme of this study which provides a comprehensive survey in direct and simplified manner. The Research methodology is qualitative one with an embedded literature view. An effort has been made to use modern authentic sources on the theme. The approach is both empirical and impartial. Islamic view has equally been defended while respecting the other views. However; an effort has been made to quantify the facts described qualitatively

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