The Leadership Styles and Occupational Stress: The Mediating Role of Emotional Intelligence

  • Shahid Nawaz PhD Scholar, Department of Public Administration, Gomal University
  • Irfan Ullah Khan Gomal University
Keywords: Leadership Styles, Occupational Stress, Emotional Intelligence & HEIs


The stress is the main issue that affects individuals’ life from each dimension like their social and professional lives. The occupational stress is the employee anxieties and worries about his/her work which is basically result of various dynamic issues like working environment, working load and poor relationships with colleagues and immediate supervisor/leadership. In this connection, leadership is vital concept whose main role is to inspire their followers/ employees towards the attainment of certain well-defines objectives. For this purpose, the leaders use the different styles to motivate their employees by considering their needs and resolving their worries at workplaces in which the leadership styles (transformational and transactional) is most comprehensive package for employees’ motivation and performance leading to stressless situation at workplace. Therefore, to examine the relationships among the leadership styles, occupational stress and emotional intelligence, the data was collected through questionnaire from the teachers hailing from higher education institutions of KP, Pakistan and analyzed through different tools of the statistics to obtain answers to research questions. The researcher will offer recommendations to policy makers of higher education institutions about the research variables.

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