Editor in Chief message

I am honored to have been chosen as the Editor-in-Chief of the Academic Journal of Social Sciences (AJSS).Since 2017 AJSShas been aninspiration of social sciences research.AJSS is an open access, peer-reviewed and refereed journal published by Lahore Garrison University, LGU. The main objective of AJSS is to provide an intellectual platform for the national and international scholars and to promote interdisciplinary studies in social science and humanities and become the leading journal in social science in the region. On behalf of the AJSS editorial team, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the readership of AJSS. I take this opportunity to thank our authors, editors and anonymous reviewers, all of whom have volunteered to contribute to the success of the journal.

Our desire is forAJSS to maintain the highest level of ethical integrity, ensuring consistency and scientific rigor in each of its research articles. To continue to excel and insightfully build for the future to provide the greatest venue for sharing outstanding social science.

AJSS is published four times a year. To ensure rapid dissemination of information, we aim at completing the review process of each paper within 2 months of initial submission. The journal is published in both print and online versions.AJSS is committed to publishing all manuscripts receiving a high or top priority recommendation during the review process, whereas those receiving medium priority will be considered for publication on a case-by-case basis.

Further, it is my aim to enhance the visibility and the attractiveness of AJSS for scientists and researchers who have interesting data to present. We will work tirelessly to reduce the time between submission and acceptance. I think we owe it to our submitting authors to work on the submissions as quickly as possible.

It is no secret that the landscape of scholarly publishing is quickly changing. Across disciplines, new demands and expectations from both authors and readers have encouraged shifting perspectives among editors and publishers. My primary goal as editor-in-chief is to ensure that AJSS remains flexible in attending to the rapidly shifting communication landscape, while also maintaining and intensifying the high standards of academic excellence.By steadily introducing initiatives to the editorial and review processes, I believe AJSS will further develop as a flagship for communicating social science research, while successfully meeting the evolving needs of its audience. As always, my top priority, and that of our distinguished editorial board, is ensuring that AJSS continues to publish novel research that advance our field.


I sincerely hope that all social scientists will eagerly access AJSS, as both submitters and readers, for the insightful and stimulating social science that matters and will shape our future leading the way to extraordinary discoveries.


Nauman Majeed (PhD)

Editor in Chief

Academic Journal of Social Sciences