Effects of Teacher’s Teaching Techniques on MBA Students’ Learning at College Level

  • Ameerzada Fakhar Zaman Kunming University of Science and Technology
  • Waqar Ahmad
  • MD Ratan Ali
  • Tanha Tanjum Tonwy
Keywords: College Teachers, Teaching techniques, Learning, MBA students


This study investigates the effect of teacher’s teaching techniques on student's learning at the college level. Teachers teaching techniques are very important for students’ academic performance, especially for MBA level students learning attitude and behaviour. Teaching methods play an important role in the teaching and learning process. The target population of this study was the teachers of secondary colleges of Lahore. The sample of this study was 300 college level teachers. The survey was conducted using a questionnaire to collect data. A questionnaire following the Likert scale was employed, and the data was analyzed using SPSS by calculating ANOVA, t-test statistics. Study results explain that teachers had shown a positive attitude towards teaching techniques on students learning. The findings revealed that most teachers agreed and shown a positive attitude and perception towards the effects of teaching techniques on students learning. Therefore, there is a significant difference between the perception of public and private respondents’ responses’ respect to teaching techniques. Implications can be applied in higher education institutions to boost the teachers teaching techniques for the students' learning process. This study can be handy for school and university level students in a future context.

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Ameerzada Fakhar Zaman, Waqar Ahmad, MD Ratan Ali, & Tanha Tanjum Tonwy. (2021). Effects of Teacher’s Teaching Techniques on MBA Students’ Learning at College Level. AJSS, 4(4), 759-781. Retrieved from http://ojs.lgu.edu.pk/index.php/ajss/article/view/1304