Election Strategies of Winning Candidates A Comparative Study of NA 126 (Lahore) and NA 263 (Loralai)

  • Abdul Ghafoor Department of Political Science, University of Loralai, Balouchistan, Pakistan
Keywords: Election, Voter, Political Parties


This research explores the election strategies of winning candidates of NA 126 Lahore and NA 263 Loralai. Through a comparative study, it is found that different candidates had used different strategies which were suited to the socio-cultural norms of the constituencies and mindset of the voters. The candidates of NA 126 (Lahore) adopted the strategies of “Managing Election’s Day (bringing the voters out of their homes and posting trained polling agents), targeting their opponents, the use of social media, telephone messaging, corner meetings, door to door campaign and strategy of change while the candidates of NA 263 (Loralai) used the strategy of “making electoral alliances”, caste system, nationalism, personal popularity and their background of middle class. The most effective strategy of winning candidates among these strategies, was “managing the polling day at tactical level”. Furthermore, it is noticed that the voters of NA 263 (Loralai) often cast their vote to the candidates who visit to their homes during the election campaign while the voters of NA 126 (Lahore) are the supporters of political parties and more women cast their votes on party lines and political leadership. Besides, the people of NA 263 (Loralai) cast their ballots for personal benefits and nepotism. Thus, the election strategies of winning candidates are different from each other (126 Lahore and 263 Loralai). The candidates of both constituencies adopted different strategies, according to the aspirations of the voters and traits of the region.