Impact of Workplace Ostracism on the Knowledge Flow in the employees of Service Sector of Pakistan

  • Sadaf Alam Bahria University Islamabad Campus, Pakistan.
  • Syed Haider Ali Shah Bahria University Islamabad Campus, Pakistan.
Keywords: Knowledge Management, Ostracism, Service Sector


Knowledge management is considered one of the significant factors in service organizations that help the service organizations to improve their performance, and lack of it can actually cause major economic losses. The main idea of this research work is to explore the relationship that how ostracism produces a negative impact on knowledge sharing and a positive impact on knowledge hiding, in the context of a diversified environment of service organizations in Pakistan. In ostracism, the employees are excluded and sidelined by other employees within the organization. This reduces the overall productivity of the employees and they cannot better add towards achieving the goals of the firm. This also impacts the knowledge sharing and knowledge hiding behaviors of the individuals as well.